Leading From Behind: Episode 6 - First Sessions: Exploring Preferred Future (Part 1)


The exploration of the client's preferred future is a central part of a first session in solution focused therapy.  In Episode 6 of Leading From Behind, we begin our examination of the questions, skills and techniques used by the therapist during this key portion of the session.

In particular, we outline how the Miracle Question sets the stage for this conversation. More important, we look closely at the key follow-up questions that invite the client to describe a preferred future that's specific, achievable, behavioural and reflects the presence of something, rather the absence.  We describe how the deconstruction of language during the conversation enables such descriptions.  We also note the importance of amplifying the client's descriptive responses as part of the solution building process.  Finally, we identify some useful ways of responding to the understandable "I don't know" replies often encountered during this part of the session.

Finally, in our resource segment, we highlight Yvonne Dolan's significant contributions to the practice and development of solution focused therapy.  Her books noted in the podcast are listed below: