Leading From Behind: Episode 15 - "What's Better" in Follow-up Sessions


A significant part of follow-up sessions in solution focused practice involves the exploration of improvements in the client's life since the previous contact. 


In this episode of Leading From Behind, we examine the process and skills used by the solution focused practitioner as we begin the follow-up session with the simple question, "What's better?" To facilitate this discussion, we return to our case example, as we explore how the solution focused practitioner elicits, amplifies and reinforces the client's responses to the question. 

In the resource section of the podcast, we highlight the following books:

 Doing Something Different: Solution Focused Brief Therapy Practices (2011), edited by Thorana Nelson

Working with Children and Teenagers Using Solution Focused Approaches: Enabling Children to Overcome Challenges and Achieve Their Potential (2011), written by Judith Milner & Jackie Bateman

Note:  The podcast will be on a summer break for the month of August.  The next episode will be released on September 1, 2013.