Leading From Behind: Episode 22 - Working With Couples


In this episode of Leading From Behind, we take a general look at using the solution focused approach in working with couples.  While the basic structure or process of working with couples is essentially the same as when we work with individuals, this episode highlights some of the unique differences and challenges when there is more than just one client in the room.

In the resource segment of this episode we highlight the following links relating to solution focused practice with couples:

The work of Elliott Connie

Recreating Partnership:  A Solution-Oriented, Collaborative Approach to Couples Therapy (2001) by Toby Hiller & Phillip Ziegler

Rewriting Love Stories:  Brief Marital Therapy (1994) by Bill O'Hanlon & Patricia Hudson O'Hanlon

Divorce Busting (1993) by Michelle Weiner-Davis