Workshops & Training

HBTC provides helping organizations with introductory workshops and intensive training in solution focused brief therapy. Introductory workshops are typically two days in length.  Ongoing training and clinical supervision can be tailored in accordance with your organization's unique needs.

We also have the capacity to provide online training in solution focused practice.  This allows practitioners to proceed with learning at their own pace.

For more information about our workshops and training services, please contact HBTC.


Coaching & Leadership

The solution focused approach is very adaptable as a way of developing effective teams and leadership, regardless of the type of work environment.

HBTC can provide ongoing training and coaching for organizations who wish to develop a unified and effective way to create a healthy and successful work environment.

Becoming a solution focused organization starts at the top.  HBTC can help senior managers to build a collaborative leadership approach which improves staff engagement and results in better outcomes.


Feedback Informed Treatment Practices

Meta-analytical research is increasingly clear that consumers are the best experts on what works in therapy. HBTC can help organizations implement Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT) practices that can lead to improved, measurable outcomes, and a reduction in dropouts and waiting lists.


Solution Focused Resources

Visit our Resource Page for a brief description of the solution focused approach. We also have a list of recommended books and websites which can enhance your understanding and knowledge of how the approach is used in different contexts. Let us know if you'd like us to add one of your favourites. 


Leading From Behind Podcast

From 2013-2014, HBTC produced a twenty-four episode podcast called Leading From Behind. The podcast was intended for students and new practitioners who wish to strengthen their understanding of solution focused brief therapy. It's also available for download via iTunes. If you've listened to the podcast in the past and found it useful, please do let us know!


Contact Us

For consultations, questions and comments about HBTC services, please feel free to get in touch.  We're also available if you have questions about solution focused practice.  And if we can't help, we'll do our best to steer you in the right direction.