Leading From Behind: Episode 19 - Feedback Informed Treatment Practices (Part 1)


This is the first of two episodes devoted to feedback informed treatment practices. 

In many countries, there's a growing demand for accountability and transparency in psychotherapy.  Programs, services and individual clinicians face increasing responsibility to provide evidence of their effectiveness. 

In this episode of Leading From Behind, we look at the rationale for including feedback informed treatment practices into your work as a solution focused therapist. 

Feedback informed treatment practices involve the solicitation of structured feedback from our clients at each session, regarding progress and their perception of the therapeutic alliance.  In collaboration with the client, the feedback can be used to make any adjustments necessary to invite a positive outcome. 


There is increasing evidence that feedback informed treatment practices can improve outcomes and reduce dropouts, waiting lists and the average length of time some people spend in therapy.  Most of all, these practices honour the client's expertise and opinions (a foundation of the solution focused approach) and bring much needed accountability and transparency to our work as clinicians. 

In the resource segment of the program, we highlight two resources related to feedback informed treatment:

The Heart & Soul of Change: Delivering What Works in Therapy - edited by Barry Duncan, Scott Miller, Bruce Wampold and Mark Hubble  

Scott Miller's website