Leading From Behind: Episode 18 - Skill Development in Solution Focused Practice


Building one's skills in solution focused practice requires intentionality.  In this episode of Leading From Behind, we look at three methods of maintaining an ongoing focus in this area. 

For most of this episode, we look at how participating in consulting teams can create rich opportunities for learning in a supportive environment.  In the absence of having a group of colleagues available for a team approach, we also identify how even sitting in each other's sessions can be a useful learning experience.  Finally, we underline the benefits that can come from reviewing audio or video recordings of your work with clients. 


In the resource segment of the program, we note two week-long intensive training programs in solution focused therapy that might be of interest to practitioners in North America or Europe.  While details of the 2014 programs are not available at this time, inks to the two organizations are listed below: 

BRIEF Summer School 

Denver Center for Solution Focused Brief Therapy (Summer Intensive)