Leading From Behind: Episode 9 - Scaling Questions in First Sessions


Scaling questions are a unique and essential element of solution focused practice.  In this episode of Leading From Behind, we examine some of the ways that these questions are useful in first sessions.

In particular, we look at the most common scaling question asked in solution focused therapy:  An invitation to clients to describe where they see themselves in relationship to their preferred futures. We also underscore how this particular scaling question sets the stage for two key follow-up questions.  The first invites the client to describe how she has come to choose this particular number and why it's not lower.  The second invites the client to describe the next small sign of change or, in other words, how she'll know that she's moving up on this scale in some small, yet meaningful way.

As part of the discussion about scaling questions, we also examine how they're used to understand the client's energy for change, as a means of gauging confidence and,  how they can be useful in recognizing risk of harm to self or others.  We also highlight how a scaling question can be combined with a relationship question, in further highlighting the client's expertise about her own life.

In the resource segment of this episode, we highlight the following: