Leading From Behind: Episode 3 - Key Elements and Skills in Solution Focused Practice


Episode 3 of Leading From Behind brings an overview of the key elements that characterize solution focused practice.  We make some clear distinctions about the therapist's position, the collaborative nature of the relationship with the client and the importance of language.  Also, we note how "goals" and "strengths" are more often embedded in the conversation with the client, rather than explicit subjects of discussion.   By connecting with the belief that clients are the best experts on their own lives, we also underline how the solution focused therapist trusts that the client will make his own decision about what to do next, rather than a therapist-lead directive.

During the resource section of the episode, we identify a number of books that might be of interest to new solution focused practitioners:

Interviewing for Solutions by Insoo Kim Berg and Peter DeJong

Solution Focused Brief Therapy:  100 Key Points and Techniques by Harvey Ratner, Evan George and Chris Iveson

Anything written by Steve de Shazer

Solution Focused Brief Practice with Long-term Clients in Mental Health Services by Joel Simon and Thorana Nelson