Leading From Behind: Episode 4 - First Sessions - General Considerations


Regardless of the therapeutic approach used, the first session is a critical one in creating possibilities for a positive outcome for the client.  We want to pay attention to developing a positive therapeutic alliance and ensure that we're talking about what's important to the client.

In this fourth episode of Leading From Behind, we look at the unique perspective taken in solution focused practice regarding each contact with the client.  We also examine three key objectives that the solution focused practitioner aims to address in conducting an effective first session.

In our resource segment, we mention two books of note and a recommended website for those with an interest in learning more about solution focused practice:


More Than Miracles:  The State of the Art of Solution Focused Brief Therapy - by Steve de Shazer and Yvonne Dolan, with Harry Korman, Terry Trepper, Eric McCollum and Insoo Kim Berg.

Beyond Technique in Solution Focused Therapy - by Eve Lipchik


Coert Visser's Blog:  Doing What Works